Monday, March 24, 2008

More photos from Natalie and Drew's maternity session

Here are more photos from my first maternity photo shoot with Natalie and Drew.

Initially I was shooting the key light through a white brolly with a 2nd light snooted for highlight but after the first photo review the couple preferred a more harsh, old Hollywood style of lighting and we ran with it. In fact they were not only willing to try some moody lighting but they were also creative and instrumental in coming up with positions. During the shoot we'd take some frames then connect the camera to the TV, review the shots and make modifications on posing and lighting based on what we saw.

This following shot this was taken outside on a sunny day with Manray blocking the sun above Drew and Natalie with a large piece of foam core board. I metered on Natalie's belly and the background was bright enough that the camera simply overexposed it while keeping their skin tones intact.

We had a lot of fun with these following shots! Both Mom and Dad are hockey players and Mom's an excellent goalie so they wanted to try something with some of their hockey equipment and harsh lighting.

And here's the setup for the shot on the left, which required a little help from Manray and our carpeted cat tower to help prop up Drew :)


Jeremy said...

Very cool set. The harsh light worked really well with the hockey gear.

calanan said...

Thank you, Jeremy.