Thursday, March 27, 2008

New blog feed and an e-mail subscription option

Dear readers, you'll see two new methods for keeping track of my blog posts below:

First, I have added a new blog feed option in addition to the built-in Atom feed that Blogger offers. This one is via FeedBurner, which I'm trying out due to its advanced feed optimisation and tracking features. Signup is straightforward, just follow the link and tell FeedBurner which reader you use or format you prefer:

If you do subscribe via the new feed please let me know what you think of the format and if you have any problems with it.

I've also activated FeedBurner's mailing list subscription for those who don't use RSS, etc. feeds - once you sign up you'll receive my blog posts right in your Inbox. Subscription requires you to complete a CAPTCHA:

...and then to follow an e-mailed link to complete the confirmation.

If anyone tries this option please let me know your thoughts.


- mike

Disclaimer: I don't use any ad tracking or the like nor do I harvest/sell e-mail addresses to anyone!

Finally, here's a bonus favorite photo of the day:

"Grafted From the Whitest Secret Soul... II" by Ron Flory [leetonia]

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