Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the all new

the all new, originally uploaded by calanan.

It's early days but here's the beta version of my new web site/portfolio.

I'm trying to iron out bugs and would like to confirm that it works nicely in a variety of browsers...would you mind checking out and let me know 1) what you think and 2) if you have any problems clicking the images, viewing the larger versions, etc.? I would be most grateful!

FYI, I downloaded the image viewing script from - I like the style, I'd seen it (or something like it) in use elsewhere and dug around until I could find that free download.


- mike


Nathan Marx said...


Worked perfect on my computer. I like the clean layout. I have been thinking of doing something similar. Looking at these makes me want to take the jump.

calanan said...

Thanks, Nate, if you need someone to bounce ideas off of please let me know. Cheers!