Thursday, March 6, 2008 updates

This project is moving along nicely, I'm getting a lot of positive feedback on the look and feel of the site. Thanks so much to everyone for offering their critiques as well as for testing out the site, it is most appreciated.

Now that I have the basic structure of the site in place I can work on fine-tuning the layout, refining which photos to use for each section of the portfolio and I still need to add a bio, list my company's services, etc. It is busy-work but busy-work to which I look forward doing!

For the geeks in the crowd, the site is currently written in static HTML with some CSS and javascript includes but I'll soon be converting the pages to PHP and will be using a MySQL database to store metadata like paths to images and their groupings, body text, CSS elements and the like.

If you haven't looked at the site in the last couple of days please take another peek:

Feedback - positive and negative - is always welcome. :)


- mike