Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jeepers, creamers...

Jeepers, creamers..., originally uploaded by calanan.

Jeff, with creamer eyes
Blue Plate Diner
Salt Lake City, UT

Tokina 12-24mm f/4

I have just discovered a disturbing fact and I need your help to remedy the situation.

Specifically, those kind and gentle souls afflicted with the condition known as "Creamer Eyes" are well under-represented on Flickr and I implore you to take photographs of these forgotten ones and share them with me. Please help honor these denizens of coffee shops, diners and truck stops by posting links to their portraits in the comments section.

If you're a Flickr user please consider also joining my new "Creamer Eyes" group and adding your portraits to the group's pool.

Also see my plea for these portraits in the Utata Flickr Group (membership required to view) and, if/when you join post your portrait there as well.

I'm off to get a refill...

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