Thursday, December 4, 2008

Follow me on Twitter (for starters)!

Just a quick update for those of you in the social network-know.

In addition to my Flickr photo sharing account I'm also active on several social networking sites, including the microblogging site, Twitter ("What is Twitter?"). While I do post photography-related updates I also post (what I consider to be) witty commentary, share local (Salt Lake City, UT) events and generally keep in touch with clients, family/friends and fellow Twitterers. Here's a little widget that displays some of my recent Twitter updates - or Tweets.

Follow me on

I'm also a big music junkie and you can find me on here. For example, here are some of my recently played tracks in iTunes:

calanan's Profile Page

But wait, there's more!

I'm also active on:

Michael Calanan's Facebook profile

And the social network aggregator, FriendFeed

If you're a fellow member of any or all of these social networking sites add me so we can keep connected, thanks!

- mike

p.s. 'Tis the season and all case Santa is reading this, here are my Amazon wishlists, too :)

My Camera Gear Wish(ful thinking)list

My Down-to-Earth Wishlist Facebook Flickr FriendFeed LinkedIn Twitter Upcoming Vimeo


Erin Alberty said...

Thanks for the clearinghouse of networking sites! I am such a novice at navigating these.

Unknown said...

Wish(ful thinking) list sounds about right! Like if someone dropped a garbage bag full of money on your porch.

calanan said...


Here are some less-used others:

Pictureline Photo Community

Imagekind Print Sales

JPG Magazine


calanan said...

Jake: LOL! A boy can dream...