Sunday, December 14, 2008

Great Salt Lake Antics

Island hopping, originally uploaded by calanan.

"Island hopping"
Manray at the Great Salt Lake
Salt Lake City, UT

Tokina 12-24mm f/4

Manray's cousins, Jeff and Jon visited us recently and during our tour one of our stops was the Great Salt Lake, specifically at the Moorish-inspired resort and music venue, Saltair. While we didn't swim we did dip our fingers into the briny shallows and taste the goodness that is home to brine shrimp - and not much else.

Above, Manray is hopping from island to island in an attempt (successful at that) to keep her feet dry. I had just done the same on my way back from the shoreline and I happened to turn around to see her getting ready to jump so I raised the camera, shot and hoped. Thankfully it turned out well!

Here she is at the furthest point of land, mitts held high!

"Don't believe the hype..."

During our time at the lake the lads found large deposits of salt that looked almost like frozen puddles of ice. Here's Jon karate chopping a section:

Jon, giving some salt the chop

And here's the crew posing for their upcoming album cover :)

Manray, Jon and Jeff

More from the visit in this Flickr photo gallery.

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