Saturday, April 19, 2008

Coverage of Erin Westenskow Berrett's Gallery Opening

This past Friday I had the opportunity to photograph the gallery opening of Salt Lake City painter Erin Westenskow Berrett at Kayo Gallery (177 E 300 S). This was my first time attending SLC's monthly Gallery Stroll and I had a great time talking with Erin and Shilo (Kayo Gallery's owner) and their friends and family.

The subject of Erin's paintings were pairs of shoes and boots rendered in warm ochre tones, each roughly 2'x 2'. I liked Erin's choice to light her scenes in a harsh and direct manner, which as a photographer I found quite visually-interesting.

In covering the opening I shot both interactions between Erin and her guests...

Erin and guest Erin, discussing one of her paintings

Erin and guests

Erin and guests Erin and guests well as photos of the gallery patrons admiring Erin's work.

I also shot a few images of the gallery itself to give a sense of place and to provide to Kayo Gallery for use on their web site.

Gallery exterior Gallery exterior

More photos can be found here on my Flickr account.

Also, a great interview of Erin and Shilo by KUTV's Gavin Sheehan can be found here in Gavin's Underground.

Finally a big thanks to friend and fellow photographer Bryan Jones for asking me to cover this event on his behalf.


Jeremy Hall said...

Great coverage of the event. Good variety of photos that I am sure they client has got to be thrilled with.

JP Jespersen said...

Erin is one of my clients. I photographed all of those paintings for her before they went up at the show. Erin is a one woman painting machine.