Saturday, May 16, 2009

My first print ad

I recently created my own print ad for a regional magazine for which I've done a lot of photography, namely Wasatch Woman Magazine based here in Salt Lake City, UT. It was difficult to narrow down my focus to one theme but in the ended I decided to advertise one of my favorite subjects, maternity and newborn photography.

Calanan Photography Maternity Ad

Based on the recommendations of Wasatch Woman's graphic designer, StephAnn Knotts, I decided to keep the layout relatively clean and simple and I opted to run three of my favorite maternity/newborn photos in black-and-white on a black background. My logo was created by a friend and talented graphic designer, Andrew Lager.

What are your thoughts on the ad? What would you have done differently?

Here are larger versions of the three images, all were taken of a single (fantastic) family, Brandon and Nicki Fuller and their gorgeous baby, Quinn.

Here's Nicki the evening before she gave birth to Quinn - she actually went into labor later that evening/early the next morning!


Proud Dad Brandon holding Quinn

Brandon and M

All the posing we did that day tuckered Quinn out



Sheri Ponzi said...

Beautiful sir! I tell you, I wish you lived closer in case I ever have another child.


Zig said...

Mike - I love the logo! Fits well with your social media "branding" :)

waxy said...

everything is really well done. I, however would have gone with just two instead of three pics.
but i like how it turned out.