Friday, May 8, 2009

David X Tejada: Buffalo Central Terminal Small Strobes, Big Results

News flash for my photog friends back in Buffalo, NY:

Photographer David X Tejada will be coming to Buffalo on 28 June to give a Small Strobes, Big Results Workshop at the Buffalo Central Terminal.

From his most recent blog post:

It's official! The June 28th Small Strobes, Big Results workshops has been granted permission to shoot inside the historic Buffalo Central Terminal Train Station. I am very excited about this particular workshop, what a fantastic location to shoot in!

His course teaches you how to effectively and creatively use small strobes, like Nikon Speedlights...from the SSBR site:

You'll learn how to:

• control and modify the quality of light produced from a typical shoe mounted flash;
• properly use umbrellas, soft boxes, snoots, grids, silks and bounce techniques;
• use a single strobe combined with existing light as well as more complicated multiple light set-ups

I've no affiliation with David, just an admirer of his work and follower of his blog, to which the announcement was just posted.


- mike

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David Tejada said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the mention regarding my up coming workshop. The workshops are lots of fun to put on. By the comments I've received from past participants, they seem to enjoy them as well.

This workshop in Buffalo should be a lot of fun as well. What a wonderful location to hold a workshop, reminds me of the empty spaces of Eastern State Penitentiary. That was a fun one as well.

Anyway, thanks again. DT