Monday, September 22, 2008

Quick trip home to Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY, originally uploaded by calanan.

Manray and I made a quick trip home to Buffalo, NY to attend some family events, including a wedding, a baptism and even a surprise engagement (of her brother, Kevin to his girlfriend, Angeline). I have plenty of photos to upload over the coming days but the one above was taken as we landed. I'm glad we took the redeye, if only for the sweeping views of Buffalo, Grand Island, Niagara Falls and even the Canadian Niagara Peninsula!

As a complement to all that water, here's a bit of fire, in the form of a training fire set by a local volunteer fire company in Cambria, NY:

Pekin Volunteer Fire Company
Pekin Volunteer Fire Company


Mike Terry said...

YESSSSS! I love it! Don't know why! Just freaking love it!

calanan said...

Thanks, hoss!