Monday, September 8, 2008

Christmas Meadows, Uinta National Forest, Utah

S&R's tent, originally uploaded by calanan.

(S&R's tent)

We did a little camping this weekend at Christmas Meadows in the Uinta National Forest with Steve and Rosemary, enjoy.

Rosemary and Steve, kissing by the trees...

Addicted to camping. K protecting the tent

Maude overlooking Christmas Meadows

Rosemary and the Flying Tiger Manray and Kerbs

Rosie and Kerbdog

Steve, worrying about a possible badger attack.

Mr (un)Happy


calanan said...

Obrigado mas eu não uso nem não possuo tampouco dos aqueles o objectiva.

Nathan Marx said...

Love the wide angle shots best. Nice colors, I need to get to the mountains again!

Anonymous said...

these are such great shots! you make camping look fun (haha, but i know better) :)

Mike Terry said...

nice nice, the pic of the boxer on the edge of starting his own "into the wild" is gorgeous. All of them are real nice, I like the lantern shot too.

calanan said...

Hey thanks Susan and Mike!