Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Donut King

As we all know, some things in life can be taken for granted.

Taxes suck.

The Dude abides.

The Donut King protests.

The Donut King, originally uploaded by calanan.

Yesterday I not only met my first Flickr contact in real life but I met the man who plays God with Flickr's Explore algorithm, Jacob Rome. I know Jake from the Flickr Group, DEL*TE ME! Uncensored, a no-holds-barred photo critique group and the driving force behind his photo's rocket-like ascent to the top of the Explore pages.

For those who don't know the Donut King the backstory is that Jake, using the following protests, has been able to garner enough attention that the activity drives the photos to the top of Flickr's Explore (most interesting photos) pages, much to the delight of Explore-haters and much to the ire of Explore Whores.

We Demand Donuts

And coffee

And then there was this recent gem:

Silly Sheep

Jake is visiting Salt Lake this week and we made plans to meet at a local brewpub, Squatter's, for dinner, beer and cheer. At one point in the evening we joked that we should made one of Jake's Flickr-famous signs; Jake headed up to the front desk to ask for a piece of paper or even a placemat but they refused his request and in protest he used our dinner tab to make his feelings known.

Of course, in making that sign it led to his realisation that he was also without marker, which led to:

And a marker would be nice, originally uploaded by jakerome.

Here's Jake making the signs (which later became my souvenirs):

The Donut King, originally uploaded by calanan.

And proof that neither one of us are trolls:

The dream team., originally uploaded by calanan.

More photos are in my Flickrset.


Unknown said...

Outstanding. This will certainly be added to ever-growing internet resume & scrapbook.

Anonymous said...

I demand more demands.

Anonymous said...

oooh goodness that is sooo great! I never saw that sheep thing but I totally adore it!!!!!! (not enough exclamation marks in the world lol)

love your bar signs too!

JB said...

you know what? i admire the man who can get around the explore stats and then laugh at it! that's great!