Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Run for your lives, there's a bear!

My wife and I relocated to Salt Lake City from Buffalo, NY this past August, she's a health researcher for the government and was given a 2-year post in SLC, which has thus far been exceedingly kind to us. We absolutely love it here.

We're both interested in the outdoors (in fact we met though our old hiking club back in Buffalo) and for us, SLC is a fantastic combination of urban dwelling with easy access to wilderness. One of our favorite local getaways is the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, which runs along the Wasatch Front more or less following the ancient Lake Bonneville shoreline high above the city.

With Manray out of town for work, our dog, Kerby and I were left to spend our time outdoors alone so we made for the hills Monday evening to revisit a section of the Trail at the north end of the city.

It has begun...

Krebs Cycle, up on the hill

More inversion...

Kerby the Snoutless Wundermutt



More photos of the trail...


Betty Mountain Girl said...

Great photos and fun captions. I love having an active dog. They are so fun.

calanan said...

Thanks for letting me know. You've got a great blog, when I read,

"How to Pee Outdoors like a Lady

Yup, you just read the words pee and lady in the same sentence..."

...I knew it was going to be good readin'. :)

- mike