Monday, March 30, 2009

StoryCorps in SLC: Photos from Opening Day

With the help of local NPR affiliate KCPW and its StoryCorps sponsors (including Calanan Photography) the StoryCorps in SLC team kicked off their 6-week stay with a recording of local businessman/celebrity Ken Sanders and his interviewer, Scott Carrier:

Scott Carrier & Ken Sanders

A crowd (including a class on a field trip from Realms of Inquiry) gathered to hear speeches from KCPW's Ed Sweeney:


...from SLC Mayor Ralph Becker


...and from the StoryCorps team of Whitney Henry-Lester, Anna Walters and Jeremy Helton. Here is StoryCorps MobileBooth Site Supervisor Whitney Henry-Lester being interviewed by Salt Lake's local Fox affiliate:

StoryCorps in SLC

StoryCorps in SLC's second recording was of Anna Zumwalt, Gretel Zumwalt and Troy Hart - here they are waiting for their turn in the MobileBooth with KCPW's Andrea Ashbridge:

StoryCorps in SLC

...and here are Gretel and Anna in the booth, sharing a moment just before their recording began:

StoryCorps in SLC

Here's the StoryCorps MobileBooth:

StoryCorps in SLC

Here's a slideshow of my ongoing photo gallery of the StoryCorps stay in SLC - I'll be adding more to this over the course of their 6-week stay:

Finally, the Deseret News has a story on this event at "StoryCorps adding Utahns' tales to touring collection".


Unknown said...

Nice set Mike. Pretty good photography for an audio project!

Mark said...

Great photos Mike!

I love the photo of Ken. I can't tell you how many times I went to Cosmic Airplane in the 80s during high school.