Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anyone else see this Twitter bug?

My wife just found the following bug on her PC, which I hadn't run into it yet but I just tested it on my computer and did run into the same problem.

I didn't make any screen shots simply to protect the tweets of some protected folks who I follow (I'm too lazy to obfuscate their entries :) ) but the steps are easy enough to follow.

  • After logging in to Twitter go back a few pages via the Older » link at the bottom of the page
  • Notice that the URL in the address bar changes accordingly, e.g. going back 3 pages gives the URL
  • Click the Home link that's below your picture (just above the @Replies link)
    Twitter should display the 1st, newest page of tweets but the URL will still show the address to the older page, e.g.
  • Now if you refresh that 1st, new page the browser will instead display the older page corresponding to the URL not the newest page
  • This doesn't happen if you instead use the Home link at the very top of the page after going back into your older pages - that Home link does indeed change the URL to

Tested on Firefox 3.0.6 and MSIE 6.0.2900.5512 on Windows XP SP 3

Anyone else run into this bug? Please leave me a comment if so, I want to confirm a few more cases before reporting it to Twitter, thanks.

- mike


Unknown said...

Yep, I get the same using Firefox 3 & Mac OS X.

bender said...

Yep, I'm seeing it also. OS X , Safari.

calanan said...

Thanks, appreciate that, I just submitted a bug request to Twitter about it.

flahute said...

OS X 10.5.6, Safari ... bingo.

Don said...

same here ...
Ff v3.0.6
Mac OS X v10.5.6

I always just click on the twitter logo at the top of the page to go home. I've always thought the home button on the right side nav bar to be a bit redundant ... now I find it redundant and broken :)