Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reviewing the new Nikon D90 and looking for requests

I'm reviewing Nikon's new D90 digital SLR (with Live View and HD movie capabilities) for the fine folks at Photography Review and I'm looking for reader input on specific tests you'd like to see me do.

For example, some folks over on my Twitter feed have asked

  • @mattpenning Autofocus tracking moving subjects toward and away and high ISO inside and candle-light. Please. Thank You!
  • @BWJones Star trails..... I want to see what the D90 can do with star trails or shots of the night sky.
  • @jeremyfranklin Can you talk about the video file that comes out of the camera. Heard it was motion jpeg

Another shooter asked me:

Definitely try at higher ISOs, and maybe also longer shutter speeds? Can nicer cameras take less noisy images at long shutter speeds? Is the "Auto-active D-Lighting" feature new for Nikon? I haven't been paying attention, but last I did, D-Lighting was a software feature, but wasn't in-camera-while-shooting. I'd be curious to see how well it works.

It seems there's a lot of interest in Nikon's latest generation of DX-sized sensors and image processing hardware, specifically in regards to noise control at higher ISOs. I'll be testing the D90 against the older generation D200 and even the D40 in this and other areas.

Finally, here's Photography Review's Nikon D90 Preview, posted 27 October 2008.

Please contact me directly at info .at. calanan .dot. com or by leaving a comment below and I'll be sure to take your request into consideration during the review, thanks!

- mike


Christy P. said...

This is totally non-technical, but commenting on how quickly it can shoot things that move fast such as dogs and babies is helpful to the neophytes of the world.

calanan said...

Excellent, I will do just that with our fast moving dog tonight!

Anonymous said...

Please, Please, Please.... There has got to be a way to connect my Garmin etrex legend hcx gps to my d90. Can not afford the one made for the camera... $1,000. for a gps, you have got to be kidding, why???

Mark said...

I'm so lame that I am so far behind on my blog reading I am not sure that its even worth posting this anymore :)

I have a D90 and love it. I'd like some info on movie stabilization.... techniques or apparatus.