Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jesse Harding

Jesse, originally uploaded by calanan.

Meet Jesse Harding, the latest participant in my "This Is Their Place" portrait/interview project.

You can see more photos of Jesse and his place, and read his story here.

Jesse's place:

"The Living Room", a series of stone chairs and
couches high in the foothills above Salt Lake City
Red Butte Canyon
Salt Lake City, UT

Nikon D200
Tokina 12-24mm f/4
Nikon SB-800, 1/4 CTO

Jesse on the web:

Twitter: @jdawg


Jessica said...

Do you have directions to 'the Living Room'? Me and some friends attempted to find it one day and ended up hiking for 3 hours around the backside of Red Butte and came out by the dorms.

calanan said...

Jessica and others, I did some digging and found this archived article by the Salt Lake Tribune that has both a description and an PDF file about the hike. Hope it helps!