Friday, July 18, 2008

Farewell, new friend!

pjamms and me, originally uploaded by calanan.

Michael Coiner was the second participant in my This Is Their Place interview/portrait project and over the last few months since we met we've become good friends.

Next week, Michael relocates to Portland, OR to start a new phase in his life...I'm excited for him, sad to see him leave but know that thanks to the intarwebs we'll be able to keep in touch through e-mail, Flickr and even Twitter.


Good luck, pjamms!

Michael on Flickr: reseda76

At the Andrew Bird/Josh Ritter concert
2008 Twilight Concert Series
Gallivan Center
Salt Lake City, UT

Sigma 30mm f/1.4

p.s. Michael is that other bald guy.
p.p.s. The one on the left.


Pjamms said...

Oh wow! This made me weepy! You are too kind, good sir, and I have really enjoyed getting to know you!

You can always visit me (in fact I'm requiring that you do) and we can stay in touch online for sure.

Thanks again! You are so awesome!


P.S. Do I look a little "mafioso" to you in that pic? Hahaha!

Euneeda Biscuit said...

Hello! This is Michael's friend in Portland. I just wanted to say what an incredible picture that is!

One of my favorites!