Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another visit by jakerome!

Steve and Jake, originally uploaded by calanan.

Jake made another appearance here in SLC so we decided to host a "Wipeout" Cookout in his honor. Our good friends/neighbors also stopped by as did their playful canines.

It was good to see the donut-eating lad again and an honor to host a living legend. :)

We hauled the tube out onto the back patio, wired up the rabbit ears and tuned in to ABC for 2 hours of Japanese game show-inspired mayhem.

We're totally W.T.

Not surprisingly the dogs were much more interested in playing and young McKenna was thoroughly unimpressed with the TV shenanigans.

Hop on Pop McKenna was unimpressed by all those TV shenanigans

In short, we got a kick out watching people make fools of themselves on "Wipeout" but "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" tickled none of out fancies.

All photos: Salt Lake City, UT
Sigma 30mm f/1.4

Favorite photo of the day

"Mikado" by Stephen Jesse Taylor [west of the sound]

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