Sunday, June 22, 2008

Anatomy of a photo shoot

Anatomy of a photo shoot, originally uploaded by calanan.

Here are some behind-these-scenes shots of the Photowalking Utah crew shooting Heidi at The Great Salt Lake. Check out Rich Legg's blogpost for a great summary of the event, too.

(Taken during the Photowalking Utah June Meetup)




Behind-the-scenes Behind-the-scenes

And a few of the shooters:

Jeremy Isn't he precious?

Aaron (zelph)! Behind-the-scenes

I'll wrap this series up with two more shots of Heidi:

Heidi at The Great Salt Lake

Heidi at The Great Salt Lake


Anonymous said...

It looked fun... How did you guys make it happen? Like any other Photowalk or you paid some $$$ ?
Paulo Jordao

Jeremy Hall said...

Great follow up set of shots. You really captured this event well, not only in the subject photos, but all the behind the scenes. That's one of the better photos of me I've seen in a long time :)

calanan said...

Paulo, there was no money spent on the walk itself (though plenty already on the gear! :) ), the meetup was free and the model volunteered her time.

You're welcome, Jeremy. I'll send you a larger version.