Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family photography: A day at the Denver Zoo

I recently photographed the McDermott family at the Denver Zoo, where they spent a couple of hours viewing the animals while I tagged along and took candid "day in the life of" photos of their adventures. At the end of their visit took a series of formal portraits against a backdrop of greenery and flowers.

I love this combination of candid photojournalistic photography and posed, on-location portraiture as it takes advantage of my ability to capture those special moments while challenging me to think fast to compose photos in a way that tell a story. My work as an editorial assignment photographer in the magazine industry taught me how to find interesting portrait locations, and to make the best of natural lighting and portable artificial lighting (like small SLR flash units). Likewise, I also learned how to quickly build a rapport with strangers to try to make them feel comfortable so that their natural expressions show through in their photographs.

If you're in the Denver area and would like to book me for a "day in the life of" session please contact me for details and booking at or 303 335 0348. Mention this blog post and I'll discount your session by 10%!

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Indiana Health Insurance said...

Those pics bring back memories. Our kids are teenagers now but trips to the Cincinnati Zoo and "Animal Kingdom" at Disney are fresh in our memories.

Too bad our pictures were not as nice as yours.