Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recent portrait session with Dene

I recently had a portrait session with an elderly client named Dene who wanted a set of wallet-sized photos to mail to his family and friends. I found this so endearing, that in an age of digital photography (be it digital SLRs or even cellphone cameras), e-mail, Facebook, etc., Dene wished to invest in an in-home portrait session so that he could have physical prints of himself to give to others.

Dene hadn't had a portrait taken in many years, in fact as he gave me a tour of the memorabilia in his gorgeous Craftsman-style home the most recent professional portrait he has was one taken of him in his 20's!

After spending some time talking with Dene to both get to know him and to determine the look he was after, I set up my equipment in his living room and posed him in front of his Grandmother's antique - and still working - Seth Thomas mantel clock.

Here's the portrait that Dene selected:

And here is one of his alternate takes... well as a more relaxed portrait that we made before he donned his colorful, giraffe-print bow tie and suit coat:

Technical info:

Nikon D700
Nikkor 85mm f/1.8
Nikon SB-800 + 43" Westcott white umbrella, 1/2 power
Nikon SB-600 + grid spot, 1/16 power
(Speedlights triggered by Nikon CLS)

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Kellie said...

Oh, these are great! And how adorable is that idea?! I should get some wallet sized photos of myself and send them out. Would you like one? :)

Nice job